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Milo, Alex (Kithor) and I (Martin - TheOldTook) - would like to welcome as many of you as possible to our first Zurich Blood Bowl Tournament - The Thundergnome - to be held at the GZ Oerlikon on Saturday 17th June 2017.
Registration is open - please contact us via this forum - or via our Website -

Thundergnome --> NAF Sanctioned Tournament
Location: GZ Oerlikon
When: 17th June 2017
Organiser: TheOldTook/Kithor/Milo
Type: OPEN
Style: SWISS
Cost: ca. 40 EUR (cost of Hall Rental, cost of Pizza for lunch?
- +10 EUR/CHF registration fee for NAF?
Where: GZ Oerlikon

Rules of Engagement
The Gnomes of Zurich welcome you to the first Thundergnome!
As Zurich is an expensive place, a higher starting value will be available for the Teams – with some special deals to be had for innovative banking (this is a Gnome-sponsored event after all). To give our bloodthirsty Fans something to cheer about, read on for the special rules.
Current Rules of Games Workshop™ Blood Bowl™ including First Deathzone™ Supplement – April 2017 rules – as applied by the NAF.
All teams previously registered in the Competition Rules Book/LRB6 including Slann/Chaos Pact/Underworld are welcome.
Three Games played – Saturday 17th June –
Registration 09:00 – 09:30
Game 1 – 09:30 – 11:30
Lunch - 11:45 – 13:00
Game 2 - 13:00 – 15:00
Game 3 – 15:30 – 17:30
Award Ceremony 18:00/18:30

Starting Basic Team Value: 120
Minimum 11 players per Team, no Star Players.
Wizards are not allowed, Halflings may hire a masterchef for 100k.
Inducements such as Bloodweiser Babes will be allowed - cost as per the price from the official ruleset.
Handicap may be applied during games (see below for the Rules on the Gnomish Hoard Cash for Thundergnome)
This is a resurrection tournament so all players will recover after the match. However Undead and Necromantic team may use their Necromancer to recruit Zombies for the duration of the ongoing match according to the LRB rules.

Tier 1 may choose 4 Normal Skills.
Tier 2 may choose 1 Double Skill and 4 Normal Skills
Tier 3 may choose 2 Double Skills and 5 Normal Skills
In addition – a Gnomish Hoard of 200’000 Cash is made available – this can be spent to buy additional skills as follows:
Tier 1 – Max 1 Double Skills @ 50 K each and/or max 3 Single Skills @30 K each. One player per team may be upgraded with a second additional skill @ the cost of the skill + 80 K.
Tier 2 – Max 1 Double Skills @ 50 K each and/or max 4 Single Skills @30 K each. One player per team may be upgraded with a second additional skill @ the cost of the skill + 70 K. An Apothecary may be recruited for one match during the tournament.
Tier 3 – Max 1 Double Skills @ 50 K each and/or max 5 Single Skills @30 K each. Two players per team may be upgraded with a second additional skill @ the cost of the skill + 60 K.
Tier 3 may buy up to a maximum of 2 bribes and may recruit an apothecary for two matches during the tournament.

A Win is worth 3 points
A Draw is worth 2 points
A Loss within 1 TD is worth 1 point
A loss by more than 1 touchdown 0 points
Discontinue/give up -2 points

Additional Gnomish Hoard rules – The Gnomes of Zurich like well-heeled Teams, but they like to have the cash in hand more – and will reward the teams with a higher bank balance. At the start of each match, it is determined which team has the higher bank balance remaining. This team may then choose to spend some of the funds during the match by paying 10 K each time. Remember spending money from the bank will be removed immediately. However this will reduce the TV of your team and might have effects on the handicap workout for future matches:
Modify a Kick-Off Result by 1 (up or down)
Re-Roll any one Dice Roll for 10k. Remember this works similar to the RR rules so only once per turn a RR could be done.
Once per match Re-Roll a failed Re-Roll (costs 30 K).

Additional Game Rules
GAME 1 – Fan Participation – the Fans have all been issued with free Rocks to throw – First Half, Each Kick-Off result is applied as usual, but another D6 must be thrown – on a roll of 1 or 2, the Fans also throw a Rock. / Second Half, most rocks have been expended and a rock is only thrown when a 1 is rolled. Both teams are equally affected – only FAME +2 adds +1 to the Dice Roll, FAME +1 gives no advantage.
Gnomish Hoard Cash may be used to add +1 to the Dice Roll if paying 20 K.

GAME 2 – Secret Weapons – A secret weapon is stashed in every corner – a player reaching this corner (may not be placed within 4 squares from the corner at Kick-off) may, at the start of the next turn, act as if he had picked up a secret weapon / Determined by Dice Roll: 1-2 Chainsaw, 3-4 Set of Bombs, 5-6 Dagger. The Ref has been paid to ignore these secret weapons, but they have to be dropped when a Touch Down is scored and the player reverts to being just a normal player for the next drive.
Gnomish Hoard Cash may be used to “unbribe” the Ref by paying 20 K – in which case he will spot the special secret weapon at the Kick-off and send the player off.

GAME 3 – Exploding Balls – The usual Game Ball has been replaced by a specially modified ball that may or may not explode – every time the ball is handled – on pick-up, catch, intercept, an additional ball-check is required. On a 3+ everything is fine, on a 1 or 2 the ball explodes, knocking down the player, stunning him and automatically resulting in a turnover. Adjacent players are affected on a Roll of 1. A new ball magically appears two random squares away from the explosion site – if this is off-pitch, the fans throw in a ball as per the usual rules.

Gnomish Hoard will add 1 Point per 30 K remaining in the hoard to the final Ranking.
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